Welcome to my Website! Glad to have you visit.

I love the outdoors and have been very fortunate to pursue my dreams and make a career out of fishing. My fishing has allowed me to travel all over the country and to different parts of the world, such as Portugal, Spain, Germany and South Africa. My travels have always been memorable, but the people I have met along the way, the men, women and children, who love to fish as much as I do, are the ones that have touched my life the most.

Some people consider me a "legend", but I consider myself just "a woman who loves to fish". I would love to see every child get the opportunity to experience the joys of the outdoors, whether it be fishing, hunting, camping or whatever outdoor pursuit. For those men and women who choose to pursue a career in fishing, I say "GO FOR IT!" Hopefully, there will be some information on my website that will help you become a better angler.

My sponsors have made it possible for me to purse my dream career, so please patronize them whenever possible. I believe in their products and would not endorse them otherwise. Their contribution has enabled me to reach the highest level of accomplishment in my sport.

Many of you may not know that I am also a wildlife artist. I hope to expand my body of art work in the near future and will feature them in my "Art Gallery" when ready.

Bass Wishes to all,



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