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Back from the 2009 Bassmaster Classic

By admin - Posted on 25 February 2009

Well I'm back from the Bassmaster Classic in Shreveport. Many of you already know that Skeet Reese won the Bassmaster Classic and that Kim Bain-Moore, the first women to fish in a Bassmaster Classic finished 47th. I was not able to talk with Kim, but from her Classic Blog I know she was under a tremendous amount of pressure. She was disappointed in her performance, but excited that she got to participate in this history-making event. I know myself and so many others wished her well.

I spent three days at the Expo and did not get to go to the weigh-in at the CenturyTel Center. I met a lot of new people from all over the country, but saw a lot of my old friends that I hadn't seen in a long time. That's what so nice about these types of events where we share a common interest, you get to see old friends and make new ones. Several people told me they try to attend every Classic and were in Greenville, South Carolina when I won my Championship.

I've added several pictures to the Gallery that were taken at the Expo. I did get to have that casting contest against Bill Dance in the Mercury booth and being the gentleman that he is, graciously accepted defeat. Same with Stephen Browning.....although by the time I competed against Stephen, I was able to get in lots of practice time.

Saturday morning, I was interviewed by James Hall, the editor of BassMaster Magazine along with Lucy Mize, Sheri Glasgow and Pam Martin-Wells. We are a few of the women who have been competing the longest, not just on women's tours, but men's tours, as well. So the interview was about how we felt about having a woman qualify for the Bassmaster Classic. I think it's great that BASS set up a qualifying berth through the WBT, just as there are berths available through the Elite, Opens, Federation and Weekend Series Tours. This opportunity to have a woman in the Classic really brings more exposure to the sport of fishing, which was evidenced by the huge amount of main-stream media coverage that Kim received....and that's a good thing! There was also record attendance for 2 days of the Bassmaster Classic.

I wasn't able to walk around to the other exhibits as much as I would have liked, but I did get to see a few. What I noticed was the number of new booths with new "types" of crankbaits. Some of these baits were completely new to me, so until I get a chance to test them and actually catch bass on these lures, I'm not sure how they will perform.

I hope to get on the water here at Toledo Bend before I have to leave for the Bass Pro Shops in Macon, GA, Prattville, AL and Leeds, AL this coming weekend. The bass are up shallow and biting well the last time I was out. Bass are moving up to spawn and I have caught them using a green pumpkin Yamamoto lizard, Texas rigged and Carolina-rigged. Depending on the depth and cover, the swimming Senko, Strike King's Series 3 crankbait and a red lipless crankbait have all worked for me. Toledo Bend has really come back strong after the 2 years of low water conditions. Any cast could easily produce a 10 pound bass or better. Don't forget...if you catch a 10 pound or better bass, take it to Toledo Town & Tackle for release, complete the paperwork and you will receive a free replica of your bass. It doesn't matter if you are a resident of Louisiana, as long as you caught the bass from Toledo Bend Lake, you are eligible for the replica. For more information on the Toledo Bend Lake Association Lunker Bass Program go to Good Luck!